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Creating the finest millinery and fashion accessories in Africa

Since 2008

Urezkulture is a multiple award-winning accessory Nigerian brand that was created in the year 2008.

We have over this period of time, brought satisfaction to our highly esteemed customers.

Urezkulture is known within and outside of Nigeria for its beautiful, dramatic and exquisite accessories that could fit any occasion. Accessories like Head pieces, Hats, Neckwear, Earrings, and Facial Accessories etc

Urezkulture was born out of the desire for creativity, the desire to bring to reality, inspirations that would wow any one and make you stand out. The desire to add a touch of excellence to the fashion world and to birth the beauty contained in a woman. We can proudly say today that in our years of work, we has given our ladies and women a complete sense of fashion and has brought out the beauty in them.

Ijeure Onwadike


Designed and Handmade In House

We pride our self in creating memorable pieces that will create a lingering effect on your audience long after the piece was worn

We carefully craft each item we produce to match every client’s unique requirements. We create just the way you want it

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